Monday, November 29, 2010

Starting to finish

March to June 2009

Attention to detail; that's just something I do. The way materials and spaces come together is the stuff that makes architecture. Not trying to be tricky, but being intentional about the way they come together.

The built form to bed 1 is expressed as a verandah element, primarily to mitigate impact to neighbour's views. The facade treatment respects this difference, plus acknowledges the way that old houses typically possess ad-hoc additions and treatments.

Good decks are very important spaces. Semi-private/semi-public, indoor/outdoor spaces, if they're done properly. Great spaces to congregate when the weather permits. A bit of a barrier to the outside world. This deck will have retractable fabric roofing to extend its use.

The deck is critical in highlighting, sympathetically, the difference between new and old; the modern, versatile, utilitarian, entertaining deck and the traditional bull-nosed verandah.

Behind the scenes, there is the laundry chute - its opening seen in this shot. In the wall beside it there is a passive ventilation shaft, continuously drawing air from the basement laundry, to keep the room fresh. Also, we had the linen cupboard on this floor fitted out to potentially have it become the laundry should the stairs became too much in latter years.

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